Other Events

In addition to the listed staged events the festival will offer a wide range of workshops, live readings and other poetry share opportunities. To make navigation a little easier we have broken these down into categories below, so feel free to make a beeline for your specific interest or to browse at leisure!

Writing Workshops:
A mix of online and face-to-face events covering a range of topics for all ages.

Readings & Meetups:
Opportunities to hear, share and explore poetry with other enthusiastic wordsmiths.

Discussion Panels:
Food for thought as local poets reveal their own inspirations and explore those of others

Open Mic:
Several of our events include open mic sections. Find them all in one place here

Independent Presses:
Independent poetry presses abound in and around Kent and Sussex, and the Tunbridge Wells Poetry Festival is delighted to offer a platform for sharing and promoting them (see individual event listings for details).

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