Pop in for Pop Up

Local poets in one of the town’s best-loved venues – what could be better than that for a community festival offering “poetry for all big or small”?

While not quite ready to announce the full line up yet we can certainly promise a mixed bag of family-friendly readings and performances. This showcase will feature individual poets as well as local collectives, with poetry covering a diverse range of interests and topics to entertain and enrich as one enjoys one’s afternoon refreshments.

If you love poetry, do pop in. If you love cake and coffee, do pop in. If you love poetry and cake and coffee you would be daft not to!

Of course, you may be one of those people who thinks they do not like poetry, in which case why not pop in and see if we can convince you otherwise? We really do aim to deliver something for everyone, whether a sonnet for granny or a cheeky limerick for little Billy…

Talking of afternoon tea, here’s a poem from Henry Normal on that very subject. Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get him to put in an appearance during the festival…

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