The Pam Slam

Wham Bam Thankyou, Pam! Who doesn’t love a bit of Pam Ayres then? If you answered “me” to that question then this is almost certainly not the event for you, because what we’re serving up, as the name suggests, is a homage to ‘The People’s Laureate’ that explores the role of observational and humorous comedy within our rich poetic heritage.

From Shakespeare through to that modern day upstart crow, Bilston, humour and verse have played a major role in forging and capturing our cultural identity. In lyric form, as nursery rhymes and sing-a-long singles, they provide our earliest engagement with poetry, and continue to entertain us in everything from panto through to classical opera. What’s not to love? And in a career spanning almost half a century is there anyone who has epitomised the form more successfully than ‘Our Pam’? As her closest contemporary, Dr John Cooper Clarke, has been wont to observe it is a travesty that Pam is not (officially at least) our Poet Laureate, and if she’s good enough for JCC that’s good enough for us.

The Pam Slam, then, is more than an evening of poetry. It is, if you will, a Variety Bill of words and music, with sketches and monologues and everything in-between. We have a host of very special guests lined up to share in the fun, and you, dear reader, are cordially invited to join us on stage too for the

that rounds off the event. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to perform an original ‘Pam’ style poem in competition with other Pamtastic poets in hopes of capturing the glittering prize that is on offer. There is no cost involved – in fact slammers will get a £2.00 concession on the already very reasonable (just £5.00) entry charge – and while fancy dress (by which we mean Pammydress) is actively encouraged it is not obligatory.

Be warned, though, with such a full bill of fare on offer open mic spaces are limited by necessity, so if you want to Slam like Pam you’ll need to book a slot quickly.


Don’t forget to contact us when buying tickets if you’re looking to slam!

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