Making Your Own Myths

VENUE: The Hub, Grosvenor and Hilbert Park

This workshop considers myths and legends as source material for creating poetry, be they from an existing mythology (e.g. Greek, Roman, Celtic, Egyptian Indian…) or created from one’s own imagination.

Graham will use examples from published poetry (e,g Ted Hughes’ Tales from Ovid) and draw on some of the ideas about mythology and archetypes (e.g. Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Jean Houston) and how myths can provide insights patterns of human behaviour.  There will also be opportunities for those attending to write their own poems and make their own myths.

Graham Mummery is a regular contributor to the Kent & Sussex Poetry Society’s annual Folio and has been internationally published as a contributor to The Light of Ishtar by Said Elias Dawlabani. His own collection, Meeting My Inners is published by Pindrop Press.

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