A Week On…


A day late, in fact, with a progress report as it’s now Tuesday of week two, but we needed to catch up on our sleep after Sunday’s Fun Day and Pam Slam. An exhausting but exhilarating close to a week of events that leaves us glowing with pride and admiration for all who have contributed.

We will be curating photographs and other memories of the festival to offer a retrospective in the fullness of time, but for now let’s just concentrate on week two and the events still to come.

Tonight, of course, we have the first of our final two staged events, with Steve Walter’s and Roger West’s Remember the Earth… This promises to be something very special, blending poetry and mixed media in real time in one of the loveliest venues our town has to offer. Amazingly there are still a (very) few tickets left available, so if you haven’t yet got yours now is the time to hit the link above.

Our fortnight concludes on Friday with festival chair Charlie Bell’s Selfie: The Lockdown Edition, and if you’ve left it this late for tickets you’ve left it too late, which is why we haven’t included a link! Those of us who have got tickets will bring you all up to speed…

Between Remember the Earth and Selfie there remain several reading and workshop events too, some of which still have a handful of tickets available. Grab them while you still can.

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