Goodbye 2021, Here’s to 2022

Following an amazingly successful series of events for 2021 the festival committee met on Friday evening to officially wind up this year and start planning for 2022. Early days, but with a packed two week programme now under our belts despite the uncertainties arising from Covid and its lockdowns we feel confident that we can deliver an even bigger and better festival next year.

This year has been a major learning curve, but the universally positive feedback we have received has reassured us that we’re very much on the right track. Our aim from the outset was to deliver “poetry for all, big and small” and our community events certainly lived up to that intention. Next year, with fewer restrictions (we hope!) to contend with we’ll be offering many more opportunities for local poets to share their writing, for lovers of poetry to share their enthusiasm, and for those who might think that poetry isn’t their thing to discover that they DO like poetry after all!

As the final word on 2021 we would like to thank again everyone involved in getting the festival off the ground and all those who contributed their time and skills to creating the various events and workshops. A huge thank you too to all who attended those events, whether online or in the real world: we couldn’t have done it without you!

The gallery below features some highlights from this year. We were mostly too busy reading or listening to get our cameras out, so forgive us if your favourite event isn’t featured. Better yet, if you took pictures or video why not send them in and we’ll add them to the website…

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