Strangers Among Their People

VENUE: The Grey Lady, Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells

“Death resembles …. a poet who is a stranger among his people.”  (Khalil Gibran)

A series of poetic obituaries/bitcheries of some of the year’s dead famous in poetry, music, sound and song, sprinkled with distractions and diversions that ruminate on the nature of fame/infamy, celebrity/notoriety, death/immortality. 

Roger West is a performing poet, singer and songwriter – a punk rocker long before and long after it was fashionable. He has fronted numerous bands, including Inside Leg, of whom John Peel (erroneously) predicted great things in 1975.  He has recorded a number of what he persists in calling “LPs”, published four volumes of poetry, and featured in various international magazines and anthologies.  He writes and performs in English and in French, with an emphasis on longer performance pieces combining live music, soundscapes, and spoken word.

Paul Gunn trained at Atelier Gaulier-Pagneux in Paris and made his living as a mime artist, gymnast and actor. He has performed with Glyndebourne Opera, and his jazz collective has been featured at numerous international events. Now resident in Tunbridge Wells, Paul has played at various local venues and festivals. His music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital outlets. His CD “A Beekeeper’s Garden” was released in 2018.

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