Vocal and Live at Trinity Theatre

This Pop-up at Trinity Theatre has a slightly different flavour to other Vocal and Live events, in that it showcases groups and collectives from around the region rather than individual poets. Each group is given an extended slot in the afternoon programme to offer an overview of what you might expect from an evening or afternoon in their company.

Located on the border between Kent & Sussex (you can visit the old boundary marker on the pavement outside King Charles the Martyr Church) it seems only fitting that our first group is the Kent & Sussex Poetry Society, which as well as being a primary sponsor of the Poetry Festival holds the honour of being the longest established poetry group in the UK.

Staying on this side of the border, we are delighted to include both the Tunbridge Wells Poetry Feast collective and members of the Tonbridge Roundel.

Moving to the Sussex side of the county line we start our tour in Hastings with the Hastings Poetry Stanza before heading down the coast road to drop in on our friends at Eastbourne Poetry Café. The final leg of our trip will take us to Lewes, where we will spend some time with the Needlewriters, before, perhaps, a final word from Peppy and David from (Tunbridge Wells) Voices, who are hosting the afternoon for us.

All of this FREE entertainment will be taking place in the beautiful Trinity Theatre’s café area, adding an appropriate Salon feel to the afternoon’s proceedings. If you love poetry, do pop in. If you love cake and coffee, do pop in. If you love poetry and cake and coffee (or any other beverage from the wide selection available) you would be daft not to!

Of course, you may be one of those people who thinks they do not like poetry, in which case why not pop in and see if we can convince you otherwise? We really do aim to deliver something for everyone.

Please Note: The allusion to a round trip is a poetic conceit to provide a coherent circular narrative in the copy. The actual content may vary and/or settle in transit

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