Could I be a Poet?

VENUE: The Hub, Grosvenor and Hilbert Park

In this beginner’s workshop Charlie Bell asks the question “Could YOU be a Poet?”

Poetry can be a daunting prospect for those taking their first steps beyond the confines of a personal journal. Many are their own worst critics: can I? How do I? Should I? It’s actually not as scary as it looks, and leaving all the jargon and pretension aside Charlie looks to share the simple joy of putting words on paper and discovering new forms of expression.

Whether filled with ideas and desire but lacking confidence or merely curious to find out more, this course will help you answer that burning question Can I do it? The answer is almost certainly yes, and Charlie’s the man to show you how.

Charlie Bell is a writer, poet and creative writing tutor with several local history books, a distance learning course on Creative Writing for the Regent Academy, and some twenty-five books authored and/or edited for Hodder & Stoughton’s Beginner’s Guide to Literature series under his belt. If you’re just beginning your poetry journey you would be hard pushed to find a better navigator.

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