Oh God! Religious poetry

VENUE: This is a live ZOOM event

This is a workshop and forum on the status of religious poetry past, present and future. You do not need to believe in anything to take part!

Has the past overwhelmed the topic? Or is diversity and the changing nature of society demanding a place in the here and now? How might that change?

What works? What doesn’t? What are the ‘greats’ of the genre?

This will be a mixture of workshop and forum – participants’ views will be most welcome.

Kevin Scully’s poetry has appeared in Theology, the ironically titled Saccharine Poetry, online platforms including Second Chance Lit and some now defunct small journals. A poem is due to be published in Poems In Praise of Libraries curated by SIMS Poetry Library, Los Angeles. He was longlisted for the Live Canon Prize in 2017. He is the author of ten stage and radio dramas, two novels and eight non-fiction books.

Twitter: @revkevwrites

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