Full Steam Ahead

Just a few more weeks to go now and Tunbridge Wells Poetry Festival will be underway. You’ll see leaflets, posters and other promotional material appearing around town and in local media soon, many offering variations on the headliner showcase theme above, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that is all we have to offer.

We’ve a wide range of workshops, numerous open mic and reading opportunities and a whole host of word-based performances that straddle the spaces between. And of course we have our Forum takeover to bring the festival to its grand finale on June 26th. “The best day out I had all year,” said one of our followers on Facebook, and if that isn’t enough to convince you we don’t know what is!

There are numerous ways of finding the information you need on this website – the handy links below, for example – and from there you’ll find connections for the most important things of all: TICKETS! Don’t delay, buy them today. Gift them to friends and family. Share the joy.

TODAY’S FINAL THOUGHT: if you know of or can provide a space that will help spread the word contact us and we’ll get some leaflets and posters to you. Better yet, follow us on social media and share our posts to your poetry-loving friends. A ‘like’ is great, but a retweet or share on Facebook or Instagram really hits the spot.

Hello TWPF 2022

Very exciting and busy times here behind the scenes as we finish sorting the huge number of proposals we received for this year’s festival. Details of all those and our headline events coming very soon, and a new landing page to help you navigate them.

In the meantime, to whet your appetites, we will take this opportunity to reveal the first of our headline events: an evening of outstanding words and music from internationally acclaimed harpist Anne Denholm and equally celebrated wordsmith Chris Tutton.

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Thank you, we’ll be in touch…

Well that went well! The good news is that we have been absolutely inundated with event proposals, which promises a bigger and better festival for all. On the downside, it also means the selection process is going to be slightly prolonged as we consider what we can, and can’t, fit within what will be a very packed three week programme.

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Short and Sweet

A quick reminder that there are just two days left to get your event proposals in (cut-off midnight March 31st). So get them in!

Those offering performance spaces or wishing to volunteer as Festival Friends have a little more time to register interest, but why put off until tomorrow what can be done today?

Links to all three forms below.

Time Marches On…

Yes, February’s run its course and as we slip from winter into spring it’s time to begin planning in earnest for this year’s festival. The cut-off for event proposals is March 31st, which gives you a month to get your details to us for inclusion in the programme running between Sunday June 5th and Sunday June 26th.

Of course there’s more to a festival than just the events themselves: every event needs a venue, and there’s also the nuts and bolts stuff behind the scenes holding the whole thing together. The links below cover all three options, so whatever your interest (or interests) just follow the links below and fill in the forms! Don’t worry too much if you haven’t got all the details finalised yet, just give us as much information as you can to get the ball rolling.

Our final “Call to Action” for now is the simplest of all: if you know people who enjoy poetry as much as you do get them on board! Social media is all well and good but there’s nothing like word of mouth and personal recommendation to really build the buzz. Better yet, point your friends to the website and get them to sign up for the mailing list too.

More news soon, and get those proposals in ASAP!